Reiki is an energy healing technique originating in Japan. Reiki means "universal life force energy". This gentle hands-on healing has been shown to benefit many emotional and physical diseases, and is safe for everyone. Reiki is an excellent choice for those who cannot receive massage, and is a great addition for those receiving regular massage.

    Jewl is a Reiki Master Level practitioner & teacher. She received her Reiki 1 certification from Barbara McDaniel who studied under Phyllis Furumoto (the daughter of the founder of Reiki in the west). Her Usui level 2 and 3/teacher and Karuna Reiki Master levels were given by Christy DeArment Martin of Nederland, CO.

    There are many styles of Reiki. Some styles deal with the chakras, others with Angels or spirit guides. Jewl's training is the Usui Shiki Ryoho system. This style of Reiki includes laying the hands on and acting as a channel for healing energy, using symbols, as well as chakra balancing, and aura clearing. The theory is that Reiki helps the body to accelerate the healing process, therefore not being a cure, but a facilitator for the body's natural healing abilities.

    If you are interested in learning Reiki, I always suggest seeking out a teacher before trying to learn from books or the internet. I feel it's extremely important to have a teacher you can learn from, discuss theories with, and practice hands-on Reiki with. To find an instructor near you, go to a search engine like and you'll find thousands of instructors around the world.

    Some Links to Reiki information:
    Meredith Guthrie's site has a good easy-to-understand description
    International Center for Reiki Training
    Reiki One, online newsletter
    from the Wikipedia encyclopedia

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